GR and work with government agencies

Complex communication tasks on a country-wide scale and establishment of effective dialogue with key stakeholders.

We have a good understanding of the principles and mechanics of government authorities’ work and objectively assess the economic, political, and social context of any communication actions we propose.

We know how important it is to start communication with society in a timely manner and how to correctly convey the meanings embedded in government initiatives. Our consultants understand the specifics of information consumption by various layers of society, know the sociocultural and regional features of different federal subjects, and adequately assess the depth of information penetration into regions. This allows us to offer clients communication tools that correspond to their goals and objectives.

We also provide communication support for projects whose main target audience is the government. We help clients understand the possibilities and risks, various scenarios of market and regulatory changes, and adjust communications in the interests of stability and maximum business potential realisation.

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