AI Marketing: Neural Networks in Communications

Creating unique design and content for clients using generative artificial intelligence.

Neural networks are rapidly integrating into many areas of life and business. Communications and marketing are one of the most promising directions for the application of generative neural networks. At M&P, we are actively developing a team of experts in the field of artificial intelligence. The team consists of PR specialists, creators, prompt engineers, developers, and designers. We started in the second half of 2023 and to this day, together with clients, we have implemented about a dozen cases based on the capabilities of generative AI. For example, here we described a case of how we created visuals in the style of M&P brand using a neural network.

We also take a responsible approach to how artificial intelligence influences the development of society. That is why M&P became the first communication company to sign the Code of Ethics in the field of AI. The Code lists recommended principles and rules for creating an environment of trusted development of artificial intelligence technologies in Russia. The initiative to create it was taken by a group of leading technology companies such as Yandex, Sber, MTS, Skolkovo, and VK

Our first boxed product in the field of neural networks is the “Prompt Book.” This is a unique data room with a set of exclusive prompts developed specifically for each client, allowing them to quickly create media materials in the client’s brand style without professional skills in working with neural networks.

What else do we do well using generative neural networks?

  • Special projects using neural networks and artificial intelligence
  • Consultations on integrating AI into external and internal communications
  • Training and education for PR specialists and marketers on working with neural networks
  • Technological PR and marketing for companies developing AI.

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