Crisis Management

Communications solutions for the most complex situations. From the most experienced team in Russia.

When the cost of error is too high, when there are no obvious and quick solutions to the problem, when the constantly changing environment and high uncertainty constrain an already complex choice. In such moments, hundreds of clients trust Mikhailov and Partners to solve the most delicate, important, and high-risk communication tasks.

Our team consists of the most experienced specialists in crisis communications in Russia. We have helped clients in hundreds of the most high-profile and tangled corporate and shareholder conflicts. Our experience extends beyond standard PR. And the effectiveness is proven by successful cases in dozens of industries, in Russia and beyond. Even in the most complex or special situations, Mikhailov and Partners finds common ground with lawyers, crisis managers, GR, and other consultants, helping clients maintain their reputation and effectively protect their interests.

Our experience allows us to solve the most difficult communication tasks and help clients regain control over what is happening.

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