We come up with and implement creative ideas that will work for the client’s business and reputation at the same time.

Creative campaigns and activations are what allow a brand to overcome the audience’s ‘information blindness,’ increase its recognition, and strengthen a particular image attribute. Creativity requires a special, non-standard approach and thorough conceptual development for each specific client.

Our main task is to create ideas that people will talk about and that will simultaneously work for the business and reputation of our client. The way we approach every project is by taking our client’s communications to a new level. This is achieved through three main components: a bright idea + high-quality production + smart distribution. As a result, we produce not only noticeable and memorable campaigns and special projects that serve the client’s objectives. That is why creative communications and campaigns have been one of the flagship directions at M&P for several years.

What brings people to us:

  • Creative strategies
  • Brand platforms
  • Complex advertising campaigns
  • Special projects
  • Viral activations
  • Naming and slogan development
  • Producing

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