S7 Airlines: communication support

Global communication support for a Russian airline.


S7 Airlines were looking for a communication partner for the airline, capable of effectively performing the functions of the company’s external press office.


M&P created a separate working group that became a full-fledged external press service for the airline. It was responsible not only for communication support for launching new flights, advertising campaigns, and crisis management (including the industry crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic) but also for preparing strategic and creative concepts for any brand initiatives.


M&P supported all the most prominent and socially significant campaigns of the client, including the large-scale “We Are Siberia” campaign (a brand’s social initiative to restore forests in Siberia, the homeland of the airline), as well as the launch of the first loyalty program for medical workers in Russia – “Doctors on Board.” On a daily basis, the M&P team provided the airline with a full range of communication support services: communication with the media, digital communications, communication with influencers, media support for press events and opinion leaders, preparation and distribution of press materials, monitoring and analysis of publications, initiating, planning, and conducting interviews for top management, and more.