Cases We Won’t Tell You About

Unlike marketing, where activities and achievements are inevitably public, the most responsible tasks in the field of communications are often resolved quietly. In such a way that no one except us and the client knows how important results were achieved and that they were achieved with our help. Often, silence about bright cases is a direct requirement of the NDA. Therefore, experienced and successful communication consultants often cannot talk about half of the implemented projects.

We have a huge number of cases where we solved the most complex and creative tasks, but often under the contract, we cannot talk about it publicly. Discussing experiences under NDA can be described as a joke, in which there is only a fraction of humor:

Potential client:

– We need cases on crisis management and SERM to confirm your experience.


– Here are our anonymized cases.

Potential client:

– We can’t use them without names, we can’t verify them.


– Did we understand correctly that after working with you, we will be able to write a case and show it to other clients?

Potential client:

– No, of course not, we have NDA, security service, compliance, and a guard at the checkpoint!


No matter what your task in the field of PR, crisis management, internal communications, marketing, or SMM is, most likely, we have successfully solved it several times for other clients. We just can’t talk about it here.

And yes, when we say “experience,” we mean not only beautiful slides with projects of long gone days, the authors of which are already working elsewhere. Senior consultants at “Mikhailov and Partners” mainly work in the company for years and regularly share their knowledge with other employees. Therefore, our rich experience is our people who preserve and develop unique expertise.

Our main competence is to achieve goals through communications. So we definitely have something to be useful to you. Write to us at, and we will try to share our cases and experience with you within the framework of personal communication.