Employer brand for Volga Shipping

The largest water cargo carrier, «Volga Shipping», began considering the development of its HR brand after consolidating the company’s dispersed assets under a unified management.


The leader in Russian river logistics, undergoing a business transformation and asset consolidation with different corporate cultures, faced the challenge of developing an HR brand strategy and philosophy that would unite employees around the company’s new goals. Additionally, it was necessary to develop tools to convey messages about changes to current and potential employees, even considering the existing anti-COVID restrictions at that time.


To obtain deep insights, we combined efforts of communication specialists from “Mikhailov & Partners” and colleagues from “MP-Analytics.” The result of the research allowed for the formulation of refined communication theses that optimally took into account the client’s situation.

The proposed M&P approach was based on the best practices in forming an HR brand and considered the specific nature of «Volga Shipping’s” business, including the diverse professional and cultural backgrounds of employees in different departments and their expectations.


Through in-depth interviews, field ethnographic research, and anonymous online surveys of current and potential employees, we identified hidden challenges facing «Volga Shipping». During strategic sessions together with the company’s management, we formulated the mission, vision, values, and EVP. Subsequently, we developed a creative positioning concept that included the slogan “By River. By Sea. By Heart” and offered solutions for various communication formats actively used to this day.

The HR brand development project for «Volga Shipping» became a finalist in the “Silver Archer – Volga Region” competition in the category of Corporate Communications.