“The Scarlet Sails”: the main celebration for graduates

For many years, “The Scarlet Sails” have been the hallmark of St. Petersburg.


“The Scarlet Sails” is the main celebration for graduates, which has become an unofficial symbol of the end of each academic year. The holiday consists of two parts: a concert at the Palace Square and a fireworks show, featuring a sailing ship with scarlet sails sailing along the Neva River accompanied by music and fireworks.


Since 2013, the ERA agency has been organising a concert for graduates at the Palace Square. Every year, a large stage is built for this event, and a bright show program concept is created with the participation of popular artists. Over the years, groups like “Zveri,” Bi-2, Splin, Dima Bilan, Mumiy Troll, Basta, Polina Gagarina, Ruki Vverh, Lusya Chebotina, Vanya Dmitrienko, DaBro, Cream Soda, Jony, Niletto, ST, and dozens of others have performed on the stage of “The Scarlet Sails.”


The “Scarlet Sails” graduation celebration set a record for the audience in 2022. 1.2 million spectators gathered on the embankment, with over 65,000 non-students becoming the main protagonists of the evening at the Palace Square. Nearly 20 million people watched the broadcast on TV. The graduation ceremony was broadcasted on Channel 5, Channel One, Russia 1, and REN TV. Another 8 million viewers followed the online broadcast. The official VKontakt group of Channel 5 had an audience of 5 million people-setting a record. The broadcast on Odnoklassniki was also widely watched, with 2.3 million users following the event. Another 700,000 viewers watched the show on Channel 5’s official website.

Every year, the “Scarlet Sails” celebration wins prestigious awards in various categories. For example, the show has won four gold awards and one silver award at the prestigious Global Eventex Awards, considered the “Oscar” of the event industry.