Identity for the Alliance for Children’s Protection in the Digital Environment

We came up with design and landed a visual style for uniting the largest technology companies


A coalition of nine major technology companies in Russia. Its mission is to develop a safe internet space for children where they, regardless of age and location, can communicate and make friends, learn and grow, discover new opportunities and entertainment.


Create a recognisable, friendly, flexible, and understandable identity for both children, parents, and members of the Alliance.


The symbol is the capital letter of the word “Alliance” and the first letter of most alphabets. The inside-letter clearance in the shape of a mouse cursor is one of the key symbols of the digital space.

The brand’s visual language uses a combination of a rich color palette, friendly illustrations, the most natural photo style, and geometric patterns. Altogether, it creates a dynamic, bright, recognizable, and cheerful identity.


We created a set of unique illustrations, some simple, some naive, but each with its own character and vibe. Illustrations formed the basis for most products, from post layouts to merchandise.

Website and Social Media

To showcase key news of the Alliance, we developed and launched a website that features blog functionality and maps. Functionalities for receiving and processing incoming requests with subsequent automated responses were also set up.

Products, events, comments, and information about launches and initiatives are actively published and targeted on social networks. The visual style of the posts adheres to the rubricator developed in collaboration with M&p.Digital.

Alliance Events

We designed promotional and support products for Alliance events: posters, souvenir and business products. We design event spaces and stands.

Project Team

  • Timur Aliev — Art Director
  • Olga Gorbatykh — Graphic Designer
  • Abdulzhaafar Kamasov — Graphic Designer
  • Ekaterina Gushchina — Illustrator
  • Polina Gryaznova — Designer
  • Tatiana Donskaya — Project Manager