Wine Communication Award

The first wine award in Russia is awarded to wineries and winemakers for their achievements in the field of communications and marketing.

Why did we create «PRobka»

In the year of the 30th anniversary of «M&P», we decided that we wanted to support one of the most dynamically developing industries in Russia – winemaking. Since alcohol advertising is prohibited in our country, its promotion is a true art.

The aim of the award is to support the efforts of Russian winemakers in promoting domestic wine and to highlight the best practices in the field of communications and marketing of Russian wine.

Who are the winners of the first «PRobka»

  • Best website — Krinitsa
  • Best social media — Fanagoria (Telegram, VK, YouTube)
  • Best launch of the year — Chateau Taman for releasing the wine “Glug Glug” in three versions at once: dry red “Cabernet Sauvignon” and “Zweigelt”, dry white “Traminer”, semi-dry sparkling pink “Krasnostop”.
  • Most stylish label — Sikory
  • Best cultural project — Abrau-Durso for the Abrau Museum
  • Eco-project of the year — Lefkadia Valley for following a careful approach, abandoning pesticides, herbicides, and CMR products
  • Recognised winemaker — first place shared by Alexey Tolstoy and Oleg Repin
  • Wine event of the year — Second Russian Wine Forum
  • Grand Prix: most recommended brand — Abrau-Durso

How the winners were chosen

The winners of the first “PR Bottle” were selected by the participants of the expert jury based on the results of a sociological survey of Russian people and statistics of mentions of wine brands in the public sphere. The jury of the communication award consisted of experts in the field of wine and media. Among them were:

  • Olga Oreshnikova, General Director of Forbes Congress
  • Marina Gevorkyan, owner and general director of the “Snob” project
  • Elena Remchukova, Deputy General Director of “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” and restaurant critic
  • Alexander Sysoev, restaurateur and founder of the guide and the Telegram channel network “SysoevFM”
  • Anna Kuklina, Editor-in-Chief of
  • Vasily Shomov, journalist and wine reviewer
  • Gertruda Kuznetsova, wine journalist, promoter of Russian wine, creator of the author’s travel project #DRINKOURTOUR™
  • Arthur Sarkisyan, independent wine expert and sommelier

When the award was given

The winners of the first award were announced at a solemn event in honor of the 30th anniversary of “Mikhailov and Partners” on December 11, 2023. The celebration, attended by several hundred clients, partners, friends, and employees of M&P, was also entirely dedicated to Russian wine. The event took place in a very warm, almost family atmosphere, accompanied by the songs of Leonid Agutin.

What will happen to «PRobka» next?

The award will become an annual award – it couldn’t be otherwise.